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Cannot afford an attorney? Confused how to prepare and document divorce papers yourself? Expressdivorcepapers is the right place to help you with your needs. Our process is very easy to follow, stress free with very minimal cost, which can done anywhere, anytime; at the comfort of your home, at your work place, when you have that little bit time to spare in between work etc since everything is completed and processed online. You just have to provide us with the information and the rest of the work will be done by us with 100% court approved divorce forms.
Once you have completed the Online interview questioners, there will be a standard wait time of 2-3 working days for the case worker to complete the forms and upload it in your account. In addition, you will be at a position to obtain your divorce forms from our website any time you wish by clicking "Download Divorce Documents" section.
An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agrees to divorce and all terms of settling their division of any assets, debts, child custody, child support, alimony etc.
Earlier, the only way to get a divorce was proving one party responsible for breaking up a marriage. However, all states have now passed a law where one party can divorce simply because they no longer wish to stay married. This process is called a no fault divorce and the spouse filing a no fault divorce do not have to prove any fault on the other party.
Time taken to get a divorce again depends on many variables starting from the state where you are filing, residency requirements, separation period, and waiting period after filing a petition etc. This process can take divorce to be finalized in a matter of few weeks to months.
Time taken to get a divorce again depends on many variables starting from the state where you are filing, residency requirements, separation period, and waiting period after filing a petition etc. This process can take divorce to be finalized in a matter of few weeks to months.
Court appearance will depend on the state you file your petition. Some state will require you to submit all the documents and forms without the need of setting foot in the court house and there are some states that require a court appearance before the Judge before a divorce decree is finalized. No matter from which of these states you file, settling and resolving your differences before filing your petition will play a big role.
In legal terms guardianship and child custody are synonymously used for the description of a parent’s and child practical relationship, like the parents right to make decisions on the child’s behalf, and their duty to take care of the child.
If you use our service you will be charged a fee for preparation of online divorce papers. The fee starts at $125.00 and it is reflected on our website’s price section. On top of that you will also be charged a court fee for the divorce filling. Court filing fee may cost you anywhere around $200 - $250.
A parent who is separated from the spouse and has child custody may have entitlement to children support. You will need to work out this factor with your spouse.
Child support varies from state to state and it is normally state determined. You will be able to get this task accomplished as you go about our online interview.
Where marital settlement is concerned the couple continues to live together but the rights and obligations for both parties are determined by the court. In a divorce settlement the couple gets separated.
Child support payments are determined by the state, and varies from state to state. Please write to us at if you need child support calculation in your state.
This is an allowance or support that is usually paid by a spouse to another according to the court order.
This will entirely depend on you. You can omit a lawyer if you feel comfortable to work out your divorce details with your spouse. All divorce lawyers and attorneys do is taking you through your rights. They have training on filing the case in the proper manner and help you navigate your way through the court. They are also way expensive compared to our services. It is therefore wise to ask yourself if you are comfortable working out your divorce with your spouse. If your answer is yes, then you can freely use our services and save yourself thousands of dollars spent on divorce lawyers. Please write to us at or call on 1-800-627-9597 for more details.
Once again the choice of mediation entirely lies in your hands. It is however always wise to try and work out your divorce details. Mediation has since time immemorial been used for settlement of all sorts of disputes especially when it comes to family matters. Everyone intending to have a divorce should consider mediation as it saves a lot in terms of cost cutting.
Mediation is so far the best way to separate and solve family disputes. Every couple seeking to divorce should consider mediation as it is very cost effective and saves a lot of time.
We are open Monday through Friday from 6am-8pm PST,
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And closed on Sunday and all public holidays.
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All the divorce forms you may need are available for download in the format of PDF only. This means that you will need Adobe reader installed on your computer or laptop to download them in the right format. If you do not buy and install Adobe Reader you won't be able to download and print the divorce forms. The forms specific to your needs are only downloadable with your login and password so when you do not download Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop you can access the website from another computer that already has Adobe Reader installed on it and you can print the forms out from there. Alternatively, you can request us to send you the forms via mail and we will do so at an extra cost. If for any reason you encounter a problem while trying to download the forms, contact our customer care team on 1-800-627-9597.
You will see on your debit or credit billing statement, you'll see as the company that will be charging you. If you notice this entry, know immediately that it is for the purchase of the divorce forms service you have availed. If for any reason there are any errors with the amounts or the entry has been entered more than once, feel free to inform us of the same so that we can get to the root of the problem on 1-800-627-9597 or email us at
We know how much you privacy matters to you and we treat this issue with the same amount of degree. Our privacy policy is solely based on the same concepts that led us to provide the highest quality divorce papers and customer experience. We want to assure you beyond any doubt that we will value your privacy so you can make informed and ideal decisions when using our services and products. Feel free to read though our privacy policy and get all the answers to any question that you may have regarding your privacy. Our privacy policy is a dynamic document and will be changed from time to time in line with changes in the business, technology and client needs. You as a registred member of website will be informed via email whenever we update our Privacy Policy.
All the information that you provide us will not be transferred to a third party. All the information that we get from you may be used to reach you in the future and we may contact you through phone, mail or e-mail to share with you information about our services that we feel may be of help to you.
We do all what we can to protect information about our clients. We will keep all sensitive details secure offline and online. Our advanced encryption systems are at the top of technology. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to keep all the information you give us safe. Our website is scanned everyday to rid of any hacker loopholes or security breaches. The website also runs an encrypted 256 bit Secure certificate courtesy of Comodo.
Since we cannot control other websites out there, we are not responsible in any way for how they run their business. we may reference other websites like our social media pages but once you are on that website our privacy policy becomes null and void.

Common Questions has been in existence for the last 8 years and has successfully served over 450,000 clients across all states of USA. This is why we are sure that the forms prepared by us are acceptable by your local court as long as you follow the instructions provided correctly. In cases where the forms prepared by us are not accepted in your court it is always our duty to make changes in accordance to your court's requirement without further charges. In very circumstances, you find we are unable to correct the situation the full amount is refunded. speacializes with divorce documents only. We are not a legal document warehouse. Forms are amended time to time and changes are made throughout the staes and county. Customers are informed of the changes before they use the forms.
All divorce forms are either authorized by, or accepted by your state. They are legal and accepted without much ado by your local courts. If they are not accepted, we correct them at no charge.
Perhaps. If you and your spouse are still on relatively cordial terms with one another, often times a mediator can help provide the final nudges needed to come to an agreement. Additionally, using a mediator is usually far cheaper than an attorney, and some states require mediation as a precursor to divorce finalization.
Due to our fast and accurate divorce preparation software, we offer services at $125.00 allowing our customers to save up to $5,000 in legal fee.
At, our customer care team is available 24/7 to help you go through the process smoothly. Even if we cannot answer your legal questions, we guide you through the process connecting you to our live lawyer service for help. Our Live Lawyer puts you into direct contact with a legal lawyer in your State so that you can have your legal questions answered.
At all your documents are safe and private until your case is filed in court. Apart from you, only your spouse is allowed to see the forms.
Our servers are housed in one of the most secure conscious data center in the United States. So, all the information that you provide in commencement to complete the case online are guarded according to the set standards. The information is only used in administration and maintaining the site. It is never released for any commercial or other purposes whatsoever. has been published in thousands and thousands of programs in over 60 countries. The recognition is due to our innovative, efficiency and cost effective divorce preparation.

Refund Policy (otherwise known as "EDP") and related affiliates retains the right to any services charges if the refund policies are not met as outlined below. The person paying for services or using services (otherwise Known as "Customer", "Client" or "You") agrees to these terms upon the purchasing of services through EDP. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact us at

Please note that once the online interview has been completed services are considered “rendered and fulfilled”. Also, we are unable to process any refunds on accounts created over 25 days from the date of purchase. Refund requests are individually investigated and approved or denied on a case-by-case basis, please give our team 3-10 business days to review and process any claims.

If a refund has been processed, it may take up to 14 business days to process any claims and a $45 handling fee is charged. Please be advised, your bank may take an additional 24-72 hours to credit your account. Also, we are only able to process refunds to the cards originally charged.

EDP is unable to process a refund under any of the following conditions:

- If the customer changes their minds about the services and does not want to continue using services provided by EDP.

- If the customer discovers their spouse has already filed on their own for Divorce/Annulment/Legal Separation.

- If the Customer has obtained counsel from a friend or other source who advises them to not continue using services provided by EDP.

- If the customer found the forms through another source or a competitor with a different price.

- If the provided documents were denied by the courts, and the customer is unable or unwilling to provide a rejection letter.

- If the Customer's court case with spouse becomes contested and requires legal aid. (EDP's services are for non-contested divorces, annulments or legal separations as we do not provide legal representation.)

- If the state updates the court forms. You must notify us and provide us the opportunity to provide the updated forms.

EDP does not process refunds for additional services, outside of the generation of divorce, legal separation or annulment forms, once those services have been rendered.

- Account Changes (ie: State Changes, type of service Changes-annulment to divorce, legal separation to divorce etc.) are services rendered once they have been applied to a customer's account.

- Add-on Forms are nonrefundable once they have been charged to a customer's account, and are available to download.

Please note, if the courts deny the documents for any reason, we are able to make the necessary changes free of charge as part of our services.

EDP will be unable to issue any refunds unless the client is able to submit a rejection letter from the courts and the following conditions are met:

- The courts have denied documents due to an error by EDP and edits to rectify are not possible.

- The courts have denied documents due to an error by the customer from inaccurate data during the online interview process and edits to rectify are not possible.

- The courts have denied all documents due to state laws or local requirements regarding state provided forms, and making edits to rectify are not possible.

Due to the nature of state laws constantly changing, we ask all customers to submit any formal request within 15 (fifteen) business days of rejection via US mail or scanned and sent via email. All customer refund request will be denied if they do not meet the above terms. To send us proof of rejection, we can be contacted below:

Should you choose to make any corrections prior to speaking with our customer support team we are unable to issue a refund.

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